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As many of you know, I spend the month of September every year rereading the great works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The past few years I have also added watching the three movies of The Lord of The Rings and this year was no exception. Finishing this labor of love always leaves me with a bit of sadness at the end of such a lovely and heartwarming adventure. This year was no exception but it was made more poignant by my realization that I was missing all of you so very much it actually hurt. I miss Prim and Rosie. I miss the fridge. I miss the poetry and the sharing of our love for all things Tolkien. I found this on YouTube and thought of all the wonderful times we've had. I hope this works and you find as much joy in experiencing it as I did.


Date: 2017-10-03 03:14 pm (UTC)
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That is a lovely video, Yaralindi. Thanks for posting it. I can't believe it is almost 17 yrs since the first film came out. How time flies. I understand your sadness for I too miss those wonderful days we had on our boards and the discussions, stories and poems and so much, much more. Everyone was so full of excitement and joy.

My love for Tolkien has not dimmed a bit. I have just finished reading The Fellowship.....it was a slow, slow read and last weekend I watched the first film (extended version). I was sinking deep into a pool of nostalgia. Howard Shores music brought on my tears. I am now on the Two Towers.

I often go to Prim's Scrapbook and read the stories and musings there. She is wonderful to keep it going. It is a very great pity that no one posts on our old board and I find this one confusing at times.
I would hope that our fellowship keeps going for some more years. I feel like Sam at Grey Havens when dear friends have gone and I return , in my case to an empty Bag End.
On the other hand who knows what tomorrow brings. Gandalf always encouraged hope.


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